The Little Black Dress of Makeup by MakeUp Artist Elle Favorule

3 Aug

Eyeliner is like the little black dress of makeup. It can make any day time look seem more polished or jazz up a dull night look. The style of liner you choose can change the feel of your look and the shape of your eye. Before getting into crazy designs and concepts, I’m going to help you understand the basic black line and show you how to transform it to a wing liner for a fun night time look. The eyeliner I like to use is a felt tip pen by ELF. It’s inexpensive and comes in brown and black. At the hefty price of $1, you can afford to go crazy!

Start with your everyday eye makeup (or none at all is fine too).

Hold the pen at a slight angle. The trick is to use the side of the tip, not the point. By using the side of the tip you get a straighter, more even, line and the tip wont dry out as fast.

Don’t start in the corner of your eye. Start where your lashes begin. (if your lashes start in the corner of your eye skip a few lashes and start your line) Guide the pen all the way across your lash line. I like to go back and do the inner corner of my eye from a different angle. (As pictured.)

To get the wing look point the pen towards your hair line. Angle it slightly up and draw a line coming down to connect to your original line. Feel free to go crazy, make the line as thick or as long as you’d like for a more dramatic effect.



Remember, to finish off your perfect black dress add your favorite mascara and perfect those brows to really bring it all together!




Elle Favorule is a Makeup Artist based in Los Angeles. Her celebrity clientele include Shannon Elizabeth, Kathy Baker, Jessica Lowndes, and Briana Evigan. Elle has traveled all over Europe doing makeup demonstrations and currently works on Film & Television.


2 Responses to “The Little Black Dress of Makeup by MakeUp Artist Elle Favorule”

  1. Amber Irwin August 9, 2012 at 3:46 PM #

    Just went out and bought the felt tip pen from Elf and love it. Can’t beat the price. Thanks for the tip!

    • Jaclyn August 21, 2012 at 11:40 AM #

      Amazing, we’re glad to hear you love it. Elle will be a regular guest editor so stay posted for more of her amazing product recommendations! Best, Team G+T


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