Beauty Examined by Intuitive Life Coach, Lori Bertazzon

17 Aug

Photograph By: Courtney Lindberg Photography, Model: Tommee May

As an intuitive life coach and facilitator, I help people identify the limiting beliefs and patterns that stand in the way from them living the life they truly desire. One tool I often use in sessions, is examining words and what those words mean to us literally, socially and most importantly, what beliefs we associate with those words. They become clues, a source of invaluable information of what maybe keeping us stuck in a negative cycle. Today, I examined the word beauty for myself and what it has meant to me in my life. I began by writing what the word means to me. Like journaling, the style is a freeform writing of thoughts and feelings to explore my conscious and subconscious beliefs of the word. If I need a jump start I will look the word up in the dictionary and riff from there. I write as long as I need. From there, I can stand back as a compassionate observer and determine what, if any of these beliefs, I want to keep or change.

Initially, my known beliefs came to mind. In my early years, the belief I was given was that presentation, looking pretty and put together was vastly important. It didn’t help that my formative adolescent years were in the 80’s, in an environment where external beauty was over-valued (as if it wasn’t anywhere else). What you wore, drove and how you looked was currency. My external beauty was more important than who I was or what I wanted. In response, I went to the other extreme. My belief became beauty was shallow, plastic, not of value, unintelligent, false, and dangerous. How were you going to fix what you have and make it more beautiful? Beautiful by who’s standard? Anybody’s other than mine apparently.

What I discovered from my own writing and self-examination, was that in an effort to protect myself from the weight of those external values of beauty, I shut down my own value on what I liked or found beautiful. I even limited the exploration and expression of my own physical body and experience in the world by how I cared for my body, decorated it or my environment. I kept it to myself because then others could’t judge it or destroy it. It would be safe there, unexpressed and unrealized. Ouch!

So what would it mean if I allowed myself to explore my beauty outwardly? Based on those old beliefs, it would mean I was vulnerable to being told I am wrong, shallow, vain, or of a different or lesser value. These limiting beliefs have compromised my relationship to knowing and appreciating my inner and outer beauty, everything that makes me, me. Instead, I diminished my relationship to what I value and suppressed my authentic self, my sense of my own beauty.

If I allow myself to let go of all the old beliefs I have associated with beauty, all the old fears, emotional blocks and resistance, what am I left with? What would it mean?

It would mean I value what I feel and what I like. I value my self and what I love. I trust my self. I believe and I know I am safe. I believe in my value and my worth simply because I am. After examining my beliefs about beauty, the word now means the fullest, authentic expression of my self.

Do you know what beauty means to you?


Lori is an intuitive life coach living in Los Angeles. She offers private sessions and group workshops to help people identify where they are “stuck” and get clarity on how to move forward. Her workbook, Where Are You Stuck?, is a 21-day writing exercise to navigate you out of “stuck”. For more information or to purchase the workbook, contact Lori at:



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